Hua Hin – Snakes & Dogs

After having two short stays in Surat Thani and Koh Samui we were looking forward to settling into a longer stay in Hua Hin for four weeks.

Our Airbnb home for our stay was fantastic and the largest place we have stayed in so far in terms of size, which allowed Lincoln and Braxton room to play and even have their own time and space away from each other while still within the house.

Hua Hin was a place that was onlyd really added into our itinerary to break up our long journey travelling the length of the country, however we are glad we added it as we found it quite the little gem and where we managed to slip back nicely into a daily routine as a family unit and take things a little slower. Although we saw and visited quite a few sights within the region, (visit previous posts for weeks 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 highlights) the majority of our days were spent catching up on some school work and planning our visit into Laos during November.
One of the main memories we will have of Hua Hin, apart from the attractions we visited, was the food. It was great to have some fantastic Thai food and try a lot of dishes that we were not too familiar with. Our favourite little restaurant was a little family run shop at the front of their house with about 5 tables and only about a 600m walk from our house.Saep Isan Restaurant_Hua HinWe all had our favourite dishes here and always found it hard to walk past without at least purchasing a little something, especially when they had chicken and pork cooking over the charcoal grill by the front entrance. For more of the delicious dishes we had here, and along our travels so far, check out our ‘Food Adventures’ page.

The family running the restaurant were incredibly nice and would always wave and call out when they saw us walking past. Braxton was also a favourite at the restaurant with everyone wanting to talk to him, pinch his cheek or pat him on the head. Actually he is a favourite most places we go in Thailand, with women especially wanting to touch him, hug him, take a photo with him and telling us he is cute. If only they could see him when he is having one of his melt downs when he is over-tired after a long day. Lincoln has even said we should start charging people to take photographs with him as we could make some extra money on the side since we don’t have jobs anymore and it could help fund our world adventure!

Hua Hin was also our real first introduction to the amount of roaming dogs in Thailand and despite being an absolute animal lover, who often tells us little facts about animals; such as ‘bats are the only flying mammals’, Lincoln was not a fan of the dogs and would often position himself either between Paula or myself and the dogs. I think he managed to get a bit better as the time went on, although he was left with little choice as some nights when we walked home we counted no fewer than 12 dogs roaming our small and short laneway. Apart from the dogs, we also had our first encounter with a wild snake after I nearly stepped on it on our driveway. I think it actually took a little while for the family to click it was actually a snake, before we all got as far away from it as possible. That is, all of us except Lincoln; go figure he won’t go within 5 metres of a dog with a collar but a snake that we have no idea what type it is, he wants to get up close and personal with! I doubt it will be our last encounter with a snake, however it was a good reminder to us all that we don’t necessarily need to be within the jungle to encounter animals that we need to be wary of.

We now have two more places in Thailand to explore, Chiang Mai (currently here) and Bangkok; hopefully both will offer the same amount of fun we all had in Hua Hin.

Average Daily Spend – Hua Hin: $89.98 NZD ($82.52 NZD under budget per day)


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