Tokyo – Gotta Catch It All!!

Hi, Lincoln here. After leaving New Zealand in May 2017, travelling full-time for nearly 16 months and going to 13 counties, we finally made it to my favourite country…. Japan 🇯🇵 !! Read my post to see why I love Japan so much and what we did in the capital of Tokyo.

After our flight from Busan in South Korea to Tokyo in Japan we spent over an hour on the train and underground metro from the airport to our hotel. We arrived at the very nice hotel and went up to our room, we got a big surprise shock when we opened the door. Dad had accidentally booked us a small room with only two single beds!! (See more about our hotel room here) We were only going to be here for a few nights so we pushed the beds together, I slept on the floor and it wasn’t too bad in the end.

Our first full day in Tokyo was a Sunday but we just had to visit the Pokémon Center Mega first as I have wanted to visit here since before we even left New Zealand because I have liked Pokémon since I was about four or five years old. Pokémon, also known as Pocket Monsters in Japan, started as a video game released by Nintendo in 1996 and has the English slogan of ‘Gotta CatchEm All’. Pokémon has since gone on to become the highest-grossing media franchise of all time with over $70 billion in revenue up until March 2017.

The store was so busy and bustling with people, we walked around and looked at some Pokémon toys and items, some of them were crazy. Braxton and I had some money to spend so Braxton bought a soft toy Pikachu and I bought some Pokémon packs, they were all in Japanese and very cool.

Braxton and I played the video game, Pokkén Tournament; Braxton played as Pikachu and I played as Charazard.

Then we went to a Toys R Us store and I used the rest of my money to get a beyblade called ‘Brutal Luinor L4’. Beyblades are also from Japan so that’s another great reason I love this country.

After lunch we took the underground metro to the Tokyo Skytree. We didn’t go up it because it cost too much for Dad’s budget, so we just looked around from the bottom.  It is 634m in height and when it was completed in 2011 it became the tallest structure in Japan, the tallest tower in the world and the second tallest structure in the world after the Burj Khalifa. So it’s pretty big!!

On our second day we walked around the crazy streets of Tokyo and Dad knew of a giant Godzilla on a hotel so we found that before going to the Metropolitan Government Building. This building has an observatory on the 45th floor and it is free to go up and look at the amazing views of Tokyo. When the weather is clear you can see Mount Fuji 🗻 but we couldn’t see it the day we were there.

Metropolitan Government Building (left) and views of Tokyo from the 45th floor.

Another reason I love Japan is because it is where sushi is from and I love to eat sushi 🍣🥢. When we lived in New Zealand my school had “Sushi Mondays” and every Monday I would order sushi for my lunch. We were told about a cool sushi train place so we went to check it out. It was called Uobei Sushi and it was in Shibuya. It’s a high speed sushi train and everyone has a tablet and you order whatever you like and then it comes speeding to your seat just for you. It was really fun and the sushi was really good too.

Next we when to the super busy intersection, Shibuya Crossing, which when there was a green man it was hectic with people crossing in all directions. From here we went to look for a cat 🐱 café near this area but when we went up to it we found out that kids were not allowed in. There was one that kids could go it but it was a little far away, so we all decided to return to the hotel because we were so hot.

On our last day in Tokyo we went to a park/playground that was near the Tokyo Tower 🗼 and then got some lunch by ordering from a vending machine. You select which meal you want and then pay the money into the machine. You get a ticket from the machine which you take to the counter and they prepare your food for you. It was really tasty. After lunch we used the underground metro to go to the Tokyo Imperial Palace 🏯, this is the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan. There were two big moats around the palace but we couldn’t go in as it is only open two days of the year, January 2nd and for the Emperor’s Birthday.

It was another hot day walking around Tokyo so we found a cold drink and headed back to our hotel via the underground train.

We all had a great time in Tokyo and after four nights we started our seven day JR (Japan Rail) passes and made our first trip from Tokyo down to Osaka on a very cool high speed train.

Average Daily Spend for 12 nights spent in Japan – $280.57 NZD ($108.07 over budget per day)

– Lincoln

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