American Roadtrip | Texas – Don’t Forget The Alamo

After our grand adventures in Arizona we had started making our way towards the Lone Star state, but first we made a stop to see the extraterrestrial activity in Roswell.

From Gallup (A) in New Mexico we began travelling further west and after five hours we had reached Roswell (B), so we decided to stop for an alien encounter and learn a little more of the events of July 1947.

Heading into Roswell we started spotting alien life forms throughout the streets and around local businesses. We found the International UFO Museum & Research Center and paid $14 USD/$20.70 NZD for the four of us to spend about an hour or so looking through. It was somewhat interesting to get more details about these events and the boys enjoyed some of the displays. Roswell_New Mexico_AmericaWe continued through New Mexico and into Texas for nearly another five hours to San Angelo (C). We had lost an hour crossing a time zone so we had a bite to eat and fell into bed, staying the evening at Super 8 by Wyndham San Angelo (see our Wyndham Properties review here).Roadtrip Map 12The next morning we were up early, driving 340 kms to San Antonio (D). After many recommendations, we were going to visit The Alamo Mission, the site of the 13-day ‘Battle of the Alamo’ back in 1836. It is free to visit but we booked some audio tours online which cost us a total of $14 USD/$20.70 NZD and meant they were available as soon as we arrived. Unfortunately it was a Saturday so it was very busy and the line to go inside the church was too long for us to warrant the wait.The Alamo Mission_San Antonio_Texas_America_1So with our audio guides we wandered around the grounds listening to the information. I’m sure we’ve previous mentioned this, but we find audio tours so useful as they let everyone take things at their own pace and they give the boys control over their own experience and they enjoy these activities more.The Alamo Mission_San Antonio_Texas_America_2It was an interesting history lesson but we had another afternoon activity planned so we finished up after a couple of hours.The Alamo Mission_San Antonio_Texas_America_3For quite a while Lincoln had been talking about wanting to go horse riding again, after he experienced it a couple of years ago during a school holiday stay with his Nana and Poppa. We thought that we would find a ranch or somewhere similar around Texas to let him tick this off his list.

Lincoln was going to do the ride by himself but then decided he would like either Logan or I to come with him. I don’t mind a horse ride (even though I hadn’t done one in years) so I volunteered to join him. We booked online with Westbrook Trail Rides for a one hour ride, the cost for the two of us was $84.80 USD/$125.37 NZD. We arrived and after a little bit of extra waiting for the previous group to return from their ride, we saddled up with about 12 other people, a couple of guides and a three-legged dog. We set off in single file, Lincoln was in front of me as we slowly meandered through the bush. It was quite a tame ride and we didn’t get any opportunity to even have a little trot, but Lincoln enjoyed himself and it was nice to do an activity just for him.Westbrook Trail Rides_San Antonio_Texas_AmericaWe stayed the night just outside San Antonio at Super 8 by Wyndham Universal City and were ready for another big driving day ahead. However, we were really looking forward to spending a few days in our next location…. and we weren’t going to be in a single room Wyndham property!!

Average Daily Spend for 2 night – $296.58 NZD ($9.08 over budget per day)

– Paula


2 thoughts on “American Roadtrip | Texas – Don’t Forget The Alamo

  1. I am really enjoying all your blogs. I am very impressed that you make the most out of any places you visit, and sample what the area is known for. What experiences the boys will have to remember. Having never being to this part of the US, it was very interesting to read. Safe journeys ahead.


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