American Roadtrip | Massachusetts – The Boston Freedom Trail and the Red Sox

Boston was somewhere we were very excited to visit and explore and even though we only had two full days here we got the most out of them.

Being a popular U.S city, Boston accommodation prices were getting pretty up there for our budget, so we found a good sized apartment around 10 kms out of Boston in Everett (read our review here). I think there is pretty good public transport links from this area into Boston, but with it getting so cold and for the activities we choose to do it was easy enough and cost effective to drive and park.

Our first day we started with The Freedom Trail, which is a 4 km long walking route that leads you around 16 significant historic sites within the city and over the bridge to Charleston. Starting at Boston Common, America’s oldest city park established in 1634, we parked up the car in the underground carpark and started following the red brick trail while using a free audio guide to give us the history behind each stop.The Freedom Trail_Boston_Massachusett_AmericaIt was a beautiful clear day but the temperature was just hovering below zero so the boys were thankful for their gloves while scooting along. Some of the sites are also museums or buildings you can enter however, while we were visiting some were closed for the winter and some were closed due to Trump’s federal government shutdown.The Freedom Trail_Boston_Massachusett_America_1After a couple of hours we were in need of a warming lunch and entered a small, but very busy, restaurant. There was a good sized queue and a lot of TV cameras and media interviewing what appeared to be the owner. After some Facebook searching we discovered that the owner had put out an offer of free lunches to all federal government employees effected by the shutdown. This could explain why it was so busy but there were also plenty of paying customers as well.

After our tasty soup, chowders and chilli it was hard to get back into the swing of things out in the cold but we did a few more stops along the trail before looping back to the car and then driving to the last couple of points of interest over in Charleston, including the Bunker Hill Monument. The boys immediately declared that it looked like a smaller version of the Washington Monument that we had just seen the month prior in the capital. You can usually climb the 294 steps inside this monument to get to the top, for what I can only guess would be some wonderful views; because again, it was closed due to the shutdown.The Freedom Trail_Boston_Massachusett_America_2The Freedom Trail was a great way to see some of the city and get to know the history of the area. Would highly recommend it and would like to do it again at a warmer time of year and visit inside some of the buildings.

During our second day we spilt up, Logan and Lincoln did a tour of “America’s most beloved (and oldest) ballpark”, Fenway Park and Braxton and I found an indoor playground to have some fun (and keep warm).

Since 1912, Fenway Park has been home to the Boston Red Sox and Logan and Lincoln were interested in taking a tour around this famous sporting ground. For the two of them the cost was $40 USD/$59.45 NZD and the tour is around an hour in length. They said they really enjoyed it and would also recommend it, especially for baseball fans. Unfortunately when they visited the park was in the process of getting set up for an X-Games event, so most of the diamond was covered, but it didn’t take too much away from  their enjoyment.Fenway Park Tour_Boston_Massachusett_AmericaDuring the colder months in America I was surprised how hard it was to find indoor playgrounds for some warm indoor fun. Thankfully I found one in Boston to keep Braxton occupied and so after we dropped Logan and Lincoln at Fenway Park we drove not too far to one. The entry cost was $12 USD/$17.84 NZD and since school was back, there were just a few smaller children at the playgound. We stayed for a couple of hours and then meet up with Logan and Lincoln for some late lunch.Indoor Playground_Boston_Massachusett_AmericaThe weather was really starting to get deep into our bones now and our layers and Vietnamese purchased ‘North Face’ jackets were no longer cutting it in terms of keeping us warm enough when we were out and about. So we were in need of some better suited winter snow clothing as we were about to head back to Canada and a very snowy Montréal awaited us.

Average Daily Spend for 3 nights – $263.22 NZD ($24.28 under budget per day)

– Paula

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