Canada – Petsitting in the Small Township of Bath, Ontario

After a few shorter stops in Ottawa and Toronto we were ready for a slightly longer stay and we were excited to be petsitting in the small town of Bath, Ontario.

We were welcomed warmly by the homeowners, Susan and Gary, and introduced to Misty. Such a beautiful cat, a Ragdoll with some Himalayan and Siamese. The boys were spoilt, again like having substitute grandparents; treats, ice cream and Susan had sourced a huge bag of Lego from one of their adult sons so our boys had some toys to play with and with Gary having a Nintendo Wii game console in his man cave they were very happy indeed. We were also given an amazing array of local information so we had plenty of activity options during our stay.

We settled in nicely once Susan and Gary headed off on their South American travels and Misty was getting used to having two young boys in her home. We were now in the depths of winter and there was plenty of snow around for the boys to play in and shovel off the driveway. Bath is a small town of just over 1,000 people, first settled in 1784, making it one of the oldest communities in Ontario. It is a very pretty area on the edge of Lake Ontario and the city of Kingston was only a 25 minute drive away.Misty_Bath_Ontario_CanadaOne Friday night we had a live sports game to attend as Susan and Gary had ever so kindly given us some tickets to a provincial game, and what else could it be in Canada but hockey. They don’t need to call it ‘ice hockey’ here, it’s just, hockey. The game was the Kingston Frontenacs vs Ottawa 67s and Kingston had the home advantage. The previous sports games we have been to during the course of our travels has seen the teams we cheer for never winning, but we (or rather the Frontenacs) broke that streak and came way with a win, 3-2. Even more surprising since they themselves had been on a bit of a losing streak prior to this game, so that was an added bonus. The game was lots of fun to watch and the players are incredibly skilful on those blades and lightning fast at times. The players make good use of the walls and of course, plenty of biff and players in the plenty boxes, but nothing too serious. Fantastic experience, thank you so much Susan and Gary!!Provincial Hockey Game_Kingston_Ontario_CanadaThe next week or so we didn’t get up to too much, the weather was windy and rainy and then we had a bit more snow. So sitting by the fire with fluffy Misty, catching up on school work and blog writing was welcomed. The boys also had a huge outdoor area to enjoy the snow.Bath_Ontario_CanadaOne day we made our way into Kingston for a look around. We were hoping to have a look through the Fort Henry National Historic Site but unfortunately it was ‘closed for the season’, so we just wandered around the waterfront and had lunch at Timmys (Tim Hortons). We also found a local cinema in nearby Napanee, playing The Lego Movie 2, so one night we got our movie fix with their cheap Wednesday tickets.

Fort Henry_Kingston_Ontario_Canada
Fort Henry National Historic Site – closed but we had a look around the outside

Nearing the end of our sit the sun came out nicely one day so we decided to head to Prince Edward County for some wine tastings. From Bath we drove about 20 minutes to the Adulphustown Ferry, which is a small, free car ferry that runs back and forth to Glenora, the trip takes a quick 15 minutes.

Adulphustown to Glenora Ferry_Prince Edward County_Ontario_Canada
Ferry Views

Once off the ferry we drove through the little village of Picton and our first stop was Black Prince Winery. We tried a few of their wines and some speciality flavoured vinegars of Canadian Vinegar Cellars made by Pete who is also a copper (a barrel maker). Pete was interesting to chat to and we were shown a chandelier he picked up at an auction for $15. It has been dated around 1740-1760 from France and could possibly have once been Napoléon’s.Black Prince Winery_Prince Edward County_Ontario_CanadaAfter lunch and a stop at Wellington Beach we visited a much bigger operation at Sandbanks Winery. They had a large modern tasting room and we tasted a few of their whites and pinot grigio rosé, the standout for us was their riesling.Sandbanks Winery_Prince Edward County_Ontario_CanadaWe continued on a little further to Harwood Estate, a smaller producer with a completely solar-powered winery. We decided to do two of their tasting flights and they came nicely paired with some local cheeses and meats. We loved their rosé and sparkling rosé and it was interesting to chat to the staff about their operation and how much power was produced from just their few small solar panels.Harwood Estate_Prince Edward County_Ontario_CanadaAll of the tastings were $5 CAD/$5.55 NZD with the cost taken off any purchases – much more reasonable than when we visited Napa Valley. A fantastic day out and we were surprised at how many wineries there were in this area. Naturally we returned via the ferry with a few extra bottles on board.

After three weeks in Bath and a nice little break, it was time to say “goodbye” to sweet, fluffy Misty and we were back on the road and ready to explore Québec City.

Average Daily Spend for 21 nights – $74.70 NZD ($212.80 under budget per day)

– Paula

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4 thoughts on “Canada – Petsitting in the Small Township of Bath, Ontario

  1. Hi Paula, Logan, Lincoln and Braxton. That you for the wonderful blog you wrote on our small town of Bath. We are so pleased that you really did enjoy yourselves in our cold Canadian winter in the little town of Bath. Misty was still wondering around the house for a week after we returned home, so she must have been looking for all of you. Any time you may be back in Eastern Canada, you know we would love to see you and the boys. Still watching your travels, and have read your previous blogs on Ottawa, and Toronto and of course your journey through the USA. Enjoy the rest of your travels, and I look forward to reading your next blog. Take care. Susan and GAry

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for reading, we really did enjoy the Eastern side of Canada and we certainly hope we can return one day. Thank you for you generous hospitality, it was just a fantastic experience and Misty was so so sweet to care for. Take care, The Ewers Family 😊


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