American Roadtrip | Arizona – The Grandest of Canyons

After our quick trip to Arizona to visit Tombstone, we returned yet again. This time to visit the Grand Canyon and see what the fuss was all about. This year was its centennial year as it became a National Park on the 26th February in 1919 and we had a short and sweet visit to see the millions of years of geological history. Continue reading “American Roadtrip | Arizona – The Grandest of Canyons”

American Roadtrip | Nevada – Las Vegas

Our next stop on our epic North American road trip was none other than Sin City. This city built in the midst of the desert is unlike anywhere else in the world, and I had been waiting a long eight years to return. Although billed as an “adult’s playground”, there is so much for children to experience and enjoy that it should not be written off by families.

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American Roadtrip | Tombstone, Arizona and Joshua Tree National Park, California

After all our fun at Disney we had three days to fill in before our next major location. So we decided to take a bit of a detour and high tail it down to Arizona to visit “The Town Too Tough to Die”….

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American Roadtrip | California – Disneyland!!

Before leaving New Zealand we all understood that the budget would only allow us to visit one Disney theme park and we all wanted it to be the original Disneyland, even if this meant waiting at least 18 or so months. Finally, after passing three other Disney sites on our way to America (Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo), we couldn’t believe we were finally on our way to Anaheim.

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American Roadtrip | California – Driving the Pacific Coast Highway

After a beautiful few days in San Francisco we were back in the car and were planning to take a few days to drive the Pacific Coast Highway down to Los Angeles.

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