One Year in Southeast Asia – The Best & Worst

After spending one whole year as a full-time travelling family (wahoo!!) and having spent 359 days of this in Southeast Asia, we thought we would look back on the good and the bad.

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Chiang Mai – A Break From The Budget

Our stay in Chiang Mai saw us experiencing a range of activities and sights, from bathing with elephants, staying in a treehouse, standing on the highest peak in Thailand, learning Muay Thai and even having a Police Officer trying to extort money from us!! (More on this later)….

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A Fleeting Visit to Surat Thani

For us Surat Thani was a little stopover for a few days to help breakup what would have been an even longer day of travel than it already was. So here’s our travel day from Penang in Malaysia to Surat Thani, Thailand and a little of what we saw there.

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