American Roadtrip | Time to Reset our Visa with a Trip to Canada & Niagara Falls

With our 90 day U.S.A clock getting close to being up, we decided to make our way from Memphis pretty much straight up to Detroit. Spend a few days in Canada and then re-enter the States at Niagara Falls, hopefully without any issues, and continue our American roadie….

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Canada – Campbell River to Calgary in Four Days

During our first petsit in Sooke we managed to confirmed our third sitting assignment. This one was to start a few days after our Campbell River sit was complete. So we had four days to travel from Campbell River on Vancouver Island to Calgary in Alberta, a province and time zone change.

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Canada – Petsitting in Sooke, Vancouver Island

After our extra two days in Japan we ended up being on the Asian continent for 488 days. We were ready to head to North America and see what it had in store for us. First stop…. “Canada eh?”….

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