One Year in Southeast Asia – The Best & Worst

After spending one whole year as a full-time travelling family (wahoo!!) and having spent 359 days of this in Southeast Asia, we thought we would look back on the good and the bad.

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Vientiane – Laos’ Sleepy Capital

When we told people we were spending eight nights in Vientiane to finish our month in Laos everyone said we would be bored senseless and that we should spend our time elsewhere. However, after a busy three weeks we were looking forward to a quiet week and that is exactly what we got.

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Vang Vieng – From Limestone Cliffs to Being Lost in Rice Fields

Vang Vieng was once the undisputed party town on the Southeast Asian backpacker circuit. Here you could hire a tube and float down the river stopping at any of the dozens of bars lining the riverbanks. Beer, and especially spirits, were essentially on tap costing less than a $1 a glass. After 27 recorded deaths of backpackers in 2011 alone, this finally was the wake up Laos needed to see that copious amounts of alcohol and drugs and floating down the river on a tube do not go well together. As a result, during 2012 a lot of the bars, mostly illegal establishments, were closed down and tighter safety rules were put in place to prevent any further tragedies occurring. So five years on, is Vang Vieng still clinging to it’s past as a place for young twenty somethings to let their hair down and party the day and night away or has it successfully reinvented itself as a destination for all travellers?

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Phonsavan – A History Lesson Between Mine Clearances

After a 7 hour minivan trip from Luang Prabang that winded and twisted and turned for 250kms high into the mountains, to say we were extremely relieved to finally reach Phonsavan was an understatement.

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6 Months as Full-Time Travellers – Part 1

After visiting 4 countries, 10 provinces and travelling over 12,500kms we are just about to reach the six month mark of our adventures. So is being a full-time travelling family everything we dreamt it would be?

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