Hong Kong – A City of Skyscrapers

As soon as we arrived at Hong Kong International Airport we knew we were arriving in a city unlike anything we had experienced before. The airport itself is so big that we had to take a light rail train from our arrival hall to immigration and baggage claim.

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Kenting – Taiwan’s Southern Gem

When researching Taiwan, Kenting, with its National Parks and beaches, always featured in any “top attractions” list. So after seeing lots of beautiful photographs of this region we made the easy decision to travel the 100kms south from Kaohsiung to experience it for ourselves.

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Kaohsiung – Taiwan’s Harbour City

After nearly one year of travel in Southeast Asia it was time to move onto East Asia with Taiwan been our first stop. Taiwan had not originally been in our travel plan, but after hearing many great things about it we made the easy decision to add it on. Kaohsiung, the southern most city, was our first destination and we afforded ourselves two weeks to get to know the city and it’s people.

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Sa Pả – A Town Amongst The Clouds

Sa Pả, located within the very northern reaches of Vietnam was on our must-see list since leaving New Zealand. Nestled high up within the Hoàng Liên mountain range, this small town offers a geographical isolation that we had not yet seen during our time in Vietnam.

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Đà Nẵng – Full Of Surprises

After a short 40 minute drive from Hội An, we arrived at our next home in Đà Nẵng; a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment a short stroll from the beach. I did not have many expectations of Đà Nẵng but found myself pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed our 10 days here.

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Nha Trang – Vietnam’s Seaside Resort Town

Although we enjoyed our time in the bustling city of Saigon we were all looking forward to getting somewhere a little more relaxed, so we were hoping Nha Trang would tick the box. After an overnight train journey of around seven hours we arrived in the early hours to very deserted streets, however this only lasted until sunrise when the roads filled with vehicles of every size and shape. I don’t think I have ever seen more tourist buses in one place. They were everywhere, each picking up dozens of tourists from their hotels for a day of sightseeing.

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