American Roadtrip | Christmas in New York

After nearly two years of knowing we wanted to be in New York City for a big family birthday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve in 2018, we couldn’t believe we had finally arrived…. Well actually, we were staying directly across the Hudson River from NYC in the state of New Jersey….. but we still had an awesome two weeks.

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American Roadtrip | Pennsylvania – Gettysburg & The City of Brotherly Love

After a simple re-entry into America we continued our roadtrip towards Pennsylvania, but first we couldn’t resist a stop for lunch at ‘the birthplace of the buffalo chicken wing’.

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American Roadtrip | Time to Reset our Visa with a Trip to Canada & Niagara Falls

With our 90 day U.S.A clock getting close to being up, we decided to make our way from Memphis pretty much straight up to Detroit. Spend a few days in Canada and then re-enter the States at Niagara Falls, hopefully without any issues, and continue our American roadie….

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American Roadtrip | Arizona – The Grandest of Canyons

After our quick trip to Arizona to visit Tombstone, we returned yet again. This time to visit the Grand Canyon and see what the fuss was all about. This year was its centennial year as it became a National Park on the 26th February in 1919 and we had a short and sweet visit to see the millions of years of geological history. Continue reading “American Roadtrip | Arizona – The Grandest of Canyons”