One Year in Southeast Asia – The Best & Worst

After spending one whole year as a full-time travelling family (wahoo!!) and having spent 359 days of this in Southeast Asia, we thought we would look back on the good and the bad.

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An Exciting Start to Exploring Hà Nội

With one month left of our three-month Vietnam visa, we had plans to spend a total of three weeks in the Vietnamese capital, broken up into two stays. We are really glad we did as we have thoroughly enjoyed our time in the north and feel we saw a more authentic Vietnam than we did in the south. Continue reading “An Exciting Start to Exploring Hà Nội”

Sa Pả – A Town Amongst The Clouds

Sa Pả, located within the very northern reaches of Vietnam was on our must-see list since leaving New Zealand. Nestled high up within the Hoàng Liên mountain range, this small town offers a geographical isolation that we had not yet seen during our time in Vietnam.

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Đà Nẵng – Full Of Surprises

After a short 40 minute drive from Hội An, we arrived at our next home in Đà Nẵng; a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment a short stroll from the beach. I did not have many expectations of Đà Nẵng but found myself pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed our 10 days here.

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